Welcome to Enel Energia

It’s a belated welcome as it’s been just over a year since Enel Energia joined Namex, but we want to take a moment to officially give them a warm welcome among our members.

Everyone knows Enel Energia for its significant role in the energy world, but the company is no stranger to investments in various fields, and its successful entry into the consumer internet connectivity market is a perfect example. In a very short time, Enel Energia has become one of the members with the highest allocated peering capacity, and its traffic continues to grow unabated.

Enel’s presence at Namex has facilitated the growth of its fiber market by enhancing service quality and robustness, particularly in delivering heavy content like video streaming.

Enel’s case further confirms the role of interconnection points in supporting this crucial phase for the country: the complete transition to the latest generation ultra-wideband, as outlined in both government and private sector plans. In essence, infrastructure is becoming an increasingly important vehicle for critical services and highly popular content.

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