Welcome to Dimensione

Dimensione is a fully Italian-owned company founded in 2011 in Campobasso, Molise. After many infrastructure expansions, today it provides connectivity services throughout the nation, thanks to partnerships with leading Italian wholesale operators.

The company has stood out since its early days, investing in the construction of a wireless network infrastructure in Molise and neighboring regions. Its dedication to change and innovation has allowed the company to evolve and emerge, becoming the first provider in Italy to offer an up to 10 Gbps fiber service on the Open Fiber network.

In 2022, Dimensione also began the process of becoming an independent voice operator, directly interconnected with the national telephone network. The company’s goal is to continually perfect its infrastructure to ensure fast, stable, and uninterrupted service. This is also why the company chose to join Namex a year ago, installing its equipment in the Caesar data center, as shown in the video recently published by YouTuber Jakidale.

“Dimensione, strengthened by the growth experienced in recent years, has decided to make its network more dense and reliable, offering, thanks to its presence on Namex, solutions that provide end customers with geographically redundant connectivity delivery points. Namex Roma represents the most important hub in central and southern Italy, a crucial node for consolidating Dimensione’s services throughout the national territory and increasing their quality.” 

An integral part of Dimensione’s mission is to provide a concrete response to the Digital Divide phenomenon, contributing to reducing the isolation of areas not reached by broadband Internet connection.

“The company looks to the future with ambition, ready to seize the new challenges of the market and continue to offer its customers connectivity services of the highest quality. Innovating for an increasingly connected future.”

Namex is pleased to welcome Dimensione among its members.

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