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For general inquiries please write to info@namex.it or use the contact form below.
If you are thinking about becoming a member and connecting to the exchange, please write to: sales@namex.it

Phone: +39 06 4448 6586
Via dei Tizii, 2C 00185 – Roma, Italy

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Namex NOC Contacts

Namex NOC (Network Operations Center) is responsible for all technical activities and infrastructure development at NAMEX.

Namex NOC takes care of services provisioning and setup, operations management and customer support regarding all technical aspects. If you need support regarding technical issues please use the contacts on the right.

Please note: if you need general information about NAMEX and the membership process please contact our accounting deparment.
If you need to access one of NAMEX sites for technical activities, fault management or else, please consult the site access guidelines.

Office hour:
+39 06 4448 6380 / 06 4448 6586
MONDAY-FRIDAY 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
24H Contact:
+39 329 9090 629