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Your Mediterranean Internet Exchange Point

Namex is a key Internet eXchange Point (IXP) for Southern Italy and the Mediterranean, thanks to its presence in the cities of Rome, Bari, and Naples.

Hosted within multiple carrier-neutral Data Centers, it provides interconnection services among Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for approximately 250 ASs, including major access operators and leading content distributors, contributing to ensure the local and reliable exchange of internet traffic.

In Rome, Namex currently has four active POPs with additional ones in the pipeline. Rome’s strategic location at the center of the Italian peninsula makes it a natural hub for interconnection between major content providers and national ISPs, especially for Central-Southern Italy, with potential reach into the Mediterranean region. The Capital’s region is on the verge of becoming a landing point for submarine cables such as BlueMed and the future Unitirreno, enabling national and international maritime connections.

With a point of presence in Bari, Namex looks towards the Adriatic, benefiting from direct connections to Greece and Albania, where ANIX, a neutral IXP, is based in and operates with our support. Operators can also reach other continents via different submarine cables towards the East. Having a presence in Puglia is ideal for Southeastern networks and for ISPs who wish to interconnect or access content from providers as close as possible to the local users.

The Naples POP is Namex’s latest addition. Its location in the heart of a densely populated area, rich in local operators, makes it, like Bari, a versatile Edge IXP that strives to keep traffic as much local as possible, providing benefits in terms of latency and cost savings for operators such as for long-distance transport.