Namex Napoli

Naples, the largest city in Southern Italy, will have for the first time an Internet eXchange point (IXP), a crucial interconnection hub in the continuation of the development of the Mediterranean Internet network.

The current rapid acceleration of the digitalisation of businesses, schools and public administrations, combined with the increasing consumption of live and on-demand streaming content requires a greater capillarity of network infrastructures.

IXPs play an important role, since they are the main interconnection hubs that contribute to the quality and reliability of the Internet. These are the reasons that led Namex to open its first regional IXP in Bari, at the beginning of 2022, and that today lead to the opening of its second regional IXP: Namex Napoli.




Peak Gbps


Connected Capacity Gbps


Connected Networks

Currently, 7 networks are connected to Namex Napoli.
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MemberAS NumberConnectionsRoute Server
Convergenze 3912010G + Y
DNS-OARC-112 1121GY
Facebook 3293410GY
Fastweb 12874MMR/PNI
Telemanapoli 20833710GY
Warian 5691110GY


For any questions about how to interconnect with Namex Napoli, please contact us