Neutral Colocation

The Colocation service is addressed to all IXP members that need housing space for their devices in one of the data centers where Namex is present; shared cabling facilities are provided, in order to set up physical interconnections towards other Namex services or to provide connectivity to other IXP members that are hosted inside the Namex facilities.

Namex provides redundant and stable electric power, constant and controlled temperature, state of the art connectivity between IXP members and to the Namex services, Out-of-Band access to the devices, Smart Hands services, replacement parts storage and access security.

What you can get

Namex offers the following types of colocation:

  • Footprint
  • Rack
  • Portion of Rack (Half Rack / Quarter Rack / Eighth Rack)


We currently support 300/600/800/1000 mm depths and can host 1200 mm deep racks upon availability of a suitable space. We also provide the possibility to arrange a caged area, on a project basis, subject to feasibility and at a price to be agreed based on the actual occupancy and setup costs.

  • Cabling to the Meet-Me Infrastructure and cross-connects
  • Out-of-band network access to member equipment
  • Electrical Supply
  • Climate control
  • Facility environment – Monitoring – Flooring
  • Smart Hands
  • Storage
  • Security

Technical features

Rack type and size(s)

  • Standard 19”, 4-posts racks, 600mm width
  • 2000mm (42RU) or 2200mm (47RU) height
  • 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm (upon request) depths available
Power characteristics
  • Dual, indipendent power feeds (A+B) to each rack, UPS protected
  • 220VAC/16A single-phase feeds delivered on IEC309 socket
  • 220VAC/32A single-phase feeds delivered on IEC309 socket
  • 380VAC/32A three-phase feeds delivered on IEC309 socket


  • Neutrality, neutral facilities with all major Italian access providers
  • Geographic position, located for convenient access to Central and Southern Italy
  • Marketplace, access to our business enhancement platform
  • Multi-site, we are present in well physically separated data centers


Prices available on the dedicated page.