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Please note that the 2022 fees are not valid anymore.

The 2023 fees are going through the approval process and will be published shortly. In case you need any further information you can contact your account manager or you can write to

Public Peering VLANs

All prices listed are monthly recurring fees.
Rome (all Datacenters)

Namex Bari & Namex Napoli

Neutral Colocation

All prices listed are monthly recurring fees.
DC Caesar (CINECA)

DC Augustus (Unidata) & DC Tiberius (Interxion)

Namex Bari & Namex Napoli

Reselling Program

The Reselling Program Partner must activate a Reseller Partner Port which is a physical port on a dedicated Reseller Platform switch. Tell us more about your requirements and we will provide you a quote. Send an e-mail to