Technical / Network


A new peering platform

In April 2021, Namex deployed the new peering platform based on NVIDIA hardware.

The platform consists of 10 switches organized in a leaf-spine topology, as follows:

  • 2x leaf-spines 32 ports 100G
  • 4x leaf 48 1/10G ports + 8 100G ports
  • 4x leaf 16 ports 100G

The architecture implemented is an IP fabric based on BGP/EVPN control plane and encapsulation on VxLAN tunnel; each leaf node is connected with a total capacity of 400G in output (200G to each spine node). The platform has been deployed in two rooms of the Caesar datacenter, the backplane bindings have been realized with dedicated AOC 100G cables.

The peering service is also extended to the Augustus (Unidata) and Tiberius (Interxion) datacenters, for which the hardware used is Extreme Networks. It is planned to replace also the other two PoPs with NVIDIA equipment during the year 2022 in order to guarantee homogeneity to the whole infrastructure. The three PoPs are linked by a dark fiber path provided by a carrier that is present at  the Caesar datacenter.

If you want to know more about our platform evolutions check our blog post.