Technical / Network


Next generation peering platform

In 2021, Namex deployed its next generation peering platform based on NVIDIA hardware.

As of now, the platform consists of multiple switches organized in a leaf-spine topology, as follows:

  • 2x NVIDIA SN4600 spines: 64x ports 100/200G
  • 6x NVIDIA SN3420 leaves: 48x 1/10/25G ports + 12x 100G ports
  • 4x NVIDIA SN2410 leaves: 48x 1/10/25G ports + 8x 100G ports
  • 4x NVIDIA SN2100 leaves: 16x 100G ports

The architecture is an IP fabric based on BGP/EVPN control plane and VxLAN tunnel encapsulation for data transport. The fabric spans multiple sites connected by DCI links, additional sites may be connected by means of L2 extensions.

If you want to know more about our platform evolutions check our blog post.