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Why choose us

The location

Namex was born in Rome, in Central Italy, a location that allows a balanced access to the local ISP in the whole country.

Our Caesar datacenter is a well known point of interconnection between carrier, content networks and service providers and we are expanding the same successful model in all the other locations where we’re present: AugustusTiberius, Claudius and Hadrianus in Rome and our two regional IXPs Namex Bari and Namex Napoli.

We also run ANIX, a neutral IXP in Albania

Rome and Southern Italy are thriving telco environments.

The birth of datacenters and the landing of the Blue cable show that Rome is of greater importance for the optimization and the resilience of the Italian Internet to deliver content and services to the end users.

Bari is quietly becoming a point of interest for the traffic flowing between the Easter and Western European countries, providing a solid alternative to the terrestrial routes. Therefore, Namex’s opening in Bari strengthened its strategic position and is now the main hub for Southern Italy and the main door to reach eastern countries.

On the other hand, the Napoli regional PoP follows the path of Namex Bari, with the goal of moving the interconnection towards the edge of the network, contributing to the development of the Mediterranean networking environment opening an IXP in one of the most densely populated areas in southern Italy.

A member based IXP

Last but not least, Namex is a member based IXP, meaning that our core business is the development of our members’ business.

Joining Namex you can benefit from a vast range of services ranging from peering to neutral colocation and you can always make important decisions, such as requesting new services, approving competiting prices, partecipating in the Consortium life.

Being member-based means also that you have a consistent amount of lead generation between you and other key players of the industry, facilitating and boosting your business.

We take care of our community by organizing a vast range of events and initiatives aimed at creating new relationships and discuss the latest trends in the Telcos.