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What we do

The Roman (Em)peer

Namex – Roma Internet eXchange Point is a non-profit, neutral exchange and interconnection point.

Namex is the main Internet hub of Central and Southern Italy, counting four datacenters in Rome, one in Bari and another one in Naples, with 239 ASNs and a steadily increasing traffic year by year.

All routes lead to Rome

Namex mission is to provide a neutral infrastructure to interconnect national and international players in order to evolve and enhance the whole Italian Internet infrastructure.

Because of the peculiar geographic arrangement of Italy, a PoP in Rome is crucial for all those ISPs that want to have a fast, secured and redudant network at a national level. Moreover, being in Rome is essential to all the local ISPs that fight the digital divide within rural and remote territories, so that they can benefit from the multiple services offered by the IXP with the ultimate goal of enhancing the services delivered to their final customers.

Securing your future

We support a variety of initiatives aimed at the development of new technologies and tools to advance the Telcos industry, ranging from software solutions (Bird, OpenBGPD) to the direct involvement in the development of ANIX, the first neutral Albanian IXP, based in Tirana.

In particular, Namex is devoted to the spreading of best practices for network security, a leading role imposed by the crucial nature of the IXP infrastructure. We support MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security) and we constatly keep up-to-date our solution to ensure a secure peering within our switching platform.