Namex Roma

In a country that is geographically extending approximately 1.300 Km from north to south, Rome is conveniently placed half way, able to equally serve the entire peninsula. Rich in history, Rome is not looking only to its heritage and past but wants to actively look into the future. It is a thriving environment where new datacenters and additional submarine cables are planned and under construction.

Diversity in the connectivity within the city and from the northern aggregation points make it the ideal location for a redundant presence in Italy. Four locations, which we decided to name after the Roman emperors, Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius and Claudius, are already active and can support a wide diversity of peering, interconnection and colocation requirements, with three more locations making their way in the market.

Born as the NAutilus MEditerranean eXchange, Namex has never lost its tension to open the doors of Europe to the countries facing the Mediterranean, from North Africa to the Middle East and has always looked at building a community of national and international players. With more opportunities to reach Rome and find the right hosting, this goal is ever closer.




Peak Gbs


Connected Capacity Tbs


Connected Networks

Currently, 239 networks are connected to Namex Roma.
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MemberAS NumberConnectionsRoute Server
2Bite 3561710GY
8ROUTE 3442810GY
ACI informatica 42515pending
AGESCI - Associazione Guide e Scout Cattolici Italiani 424631G + 1GY
AM1 19765010GY
ARC Rete 101 20214610GY
AS5398 539810GY
Active Network 19707510GY
Afinna One 21255310GY
AgID - Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale 43988pending
Airbeam 508771GY
Aircomm 1968651GY
Airgrid 2011981GY
Airnet 20930110GY
Akamai Technologies 20940100GY
Alfa Bit Omega 20835410GY
Alida 5637610GY
Almaviva 294191G + 1GY
Alternatyva 199026pending
Altitud 5711110GY
Amazon 16509100G + 100GN
Amt Services 4116010GY
Arcolink Telecomunicazioni 5133310GY
Arelion 129910GN
Argosid Network 206988pending
Arpanet Italia 2053741GY
Arpitel 4276410GY
Aruba 31034100GY
Atomo Networks 21012910GY
BT Italia 896820G + 20GY
Baleno 1983491GY
Beewee 215830pending
Belgacom International Carrier Services 6774pending
Bootstrap 20722710GY
C1V 2122711GY
CDLAN 20836pending
CINECA - Inroma 53971G + 1GY
Campaniacom 199039pending
China Telecom 2376410GY
Cicorella 6209310GY
Clio 910410GY
Cloudflare 13335100GY
Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni 15589pending
Cogent Communications 174pending
Colt 822010GN
Common Net 20962410G + 10GY
Connectivia 20759410GY
Connesi 1560510GY
Connetta 20505110GY
Connextra 2008181GY
Convergenze 39120200G + 200GY
DNS-OARC-112 1121GY
DevItalia 4474710GY
Devdata 211152pending
Digi Italy 61079pending
Dimensione 20287020GY
Dodonet 19932410GY
E4A 34695pending
EI TOWERS 34599pending
EXA 8928pending
Easy Tech Solution 19825710GY
Elektronica 20184710GY
Enegan 2088081GN
Enel Energia 202098200GY
Engineering D.HUB 211761G + 1GY
Entraincitta 20348510GY
Eolo 35612100GY
Epiclink 20448210GY
Eurnetcity 20794100MY
Evacom 2133381GY
F-ROOT 273201GY
Facebook 32934100G + 100GY
Fastly 54113100G + 100GY
Fastnet Italy 826510GY
Fastweb 12874100GN
Fiber Telecom 41327100GY
Fibreconnect 49991pending
Fidoka 20014810GY
Flonet 2077391GY
Fly Adsl 20851610GY
Fly Network 2095911G + 10GY
Fondazione Ugo Bordoni 5011210GY
Fontel 3980810GY
Fowhe 60443pending
Foxtel 5675410GY
Frosinone Wireless 506271GY
Fusolab Onlus 1978351GY
GARR 137100GY
GTT Communications 3257pending
Gamenet 4217610G + 10GY
Geny Communications 4501510GY
Global Host 23 571421GY
GlobalCom Basilicata 20618210GY
Google 1516920GY
HAL Service 4409210GY
Holy See 89781G + 1GY
Hurricane Electric 693910GY
IGT 3557410GY
IRIDEOS (formerly Enter) 12850pending
IRIDEOS (formerly KPNQwest Italia) 5602pending
IRIDEOS (formerly MCLink) 5396pending
IT.Gate 1277910GY
IVO by DTS 4960510GY
Iliad 29447100GN
Intendo (TLCWEB) 346911GY
Interconn 6053010GY
Interfibra 20055310GY
Intermatica 5149910GN
Interplanet 3475810GY
Inweb Adriatico 19891610GY
Ip Telecom 2944910GY
Irpinia Net-Com 4850010GY
Italy ADSL 581501GY
JCom Telecomunicazioni 20150210GY
Keliweb 2026751GY
LAZIOCrea 212350pending
Lancom 199081pending
Lcom 20771510GY
Lepida 3163810GY
Level7 197506pending
Libra 19809010GY
Link Space 2030891GY
Lo Conte Wifi 20673210GY
Logos Technologies 416061GY
Lumen 3549pending
MVA Connect 20280310GY
Mediatelco 20673710GY
Metis 5755810GY
Mibura 400696pending
MicroWiFi 2130631GY
Microsoft 807510G + 10GN
Micso 2103410GY
Ministero Difesa 21002620G + 10GY
Momax Network 294381GY
Mordacchini 21241710GY
Multipartner 5041710GY
NEXT 2017221GY
NHM 6227510GY
NS3 394791GY
Namex IXP 247961GY
Namex Roma Route Servers 196959pending
Navigo 2007941GY
Neofiber 2053581GY
Neomedia 20661710GY
Net Global 5031610GY
Net Reality 5808810GY
Netflix 2906100G + 100GY
Netfree 4992410GY 20270910GY
Netpop 2079011GY
Network Sistemi 21058pending
Newcom 2099701GY
Newmediaweb 20318010GY
Nova Networks 28941pending
Novaconn 20346210GY
Numeria 19904210GY
OneCom Global Communications 51185200G + 200GY
Open Fiber 21021840GY
Opnet 198471100GY
Orakom 19918110GY
Orange CDN 32812610GY
Packet Clearing House AS3856 385610GY
Packet Clearing House AS42 4210GY
Panservice 2091210GY
Poste Italiane 1572020GY
RAI 823420GY
RETN 900210GN
RIPE NCC Authoritative DNS 1970001GY
Radware 198949pending
Rai Way 209902pending
Redder Telco 33986pending
Reevo 316171GY
Registro.IT 1974401GY
Retelit 2871610GY
Rocket Way 208920pending
STIadsl 4364810GY
Samtel Network 200345pending
Seeweb 1263710GY
Server Plan 5203010G + 10GY
Sicilcom 20371310GY
Sielte 20428010GY
Sinergia Telecomunication 6098910GY
Sinet 20233910GY
Sirius Technology 6050110GY
Sky Italia 210278100GY
Smartline 2050321GY
Spadhausen 621661GY
Speednet WiFi 20635510GY
Speednetweb 20538510GY
Stel 5655010GY
Subspace 32261pending
Swisscom 330310GY
TIM 3269100G + 100GN
TWT 3084810GY
Tata Communications 6453pending
TechDigital 19953610GY
Tecno General 203591pending
Tecnoservizi 622901GY
Teknonet 2029751GY
Telecom Italia Sparkle 6762pending
Telefonica de España 3352pending
Telsone 211669pending
Telweb 20999210GY
Terna 2101410GY
Terrecablate Reti e Servizi 2905010GY
Tiscali 861230GY
Uniconnect 5632710GY
Unidata 539430GY
Uno Communications 91371GY
VeriSign Global Registry Services 264151GY
Vianova 2105650GY
Vicariato di Roma 20924610G + 10GY
Videobyte 4970910GY 4182710GY
Vitalbanet 21308910G + 10GY
Vodafone Italy 30722200GN
WI-NET 20864210GY
WIFI-Cannavò 2058501GY
Warian 5691110GY
WeNetwork 20589110GY
WiGate 583161GY
Wiber 20952910GY
Wibi 209003pending
WicitY 5976610GY
Wicomm 2126961GY
Wifinetcom 19916210GY
Wifly 20701310GY
WindTre 1267100GY
Wirem 503521GY
Wiritaly 215706pending
Wispi 2049231GY
Wispone 6082220GY
Witecno 6078310GY
Xstream 198102pending
Ydea 351311G + 1GY


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