The first bits of Namex Napoli

After installing the hardware in the datacenter in 2023, just before the end of the year the first bits of traffic began to flow at Namex Napoli. This was made possible by the presence of the first two local ISPs, Telemanapoli and Warian, and Facebook, which distributes its content at the Neapolitan IXP. In addition to them, TIM and Fastweb are also present with their infrastructure, making services from their wholesale catalog available on site.

Namex Napoli is strategically located in the city center at the University Parthenope building in Monte di Dio, next to the historic TIM exchange “Tupputi” which over time has encouraged the arrival of many operators with their own optical fibers.

The connection of Telemanapoli and Warian to the Namex IXP edge is a characteristic example of a local ISP benefiting from landing in a peripheral exchange point compared to major Italian concentration centers: it has a strong connection to the territory and a local network that benefits from a proximity network node and exchange with a content provider like Facebook and other content providers that will join.

Namex Napoli is the city’s first Carrier Neutral Datacenter and aims to create an opportunity for all regional ISPs that will connect to it, providing a telecommunications wholesale marketplace where they can purchase services with greater choice and lower costs due to competition.
In fact, in addition to the local exchange of IP traffic with some content providers, Namex Napoli aims to create an ecosystem where cooperation spreads between ISPs and suppliers, enabling the creation of a local market for all kinds of wholesale services useful to all categories of telco operators, especially the approximately 200 Namex members.

Other ISPs (local, content, national, etc.) are about to connect to Namex Napoli, a new reality aspiring to become a significant neutral regional interconnection point between ISPs in Southern Italy.

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