EI Towers is one of the latest additions at Namex

EI Towers is the leading independent tower company in Italy specializing in the management of telecommunication infrastructures, with a portfolio of approximately 2.500 broadcasting sites. EI Towers offers hospitality and maintenance services for TV broadcasters, FM radio, and DAB.

Through its data transport network, EI Towers provides its customers with a reliable, fast and stable symmetrical internet access service in Point-Multipoint and Point-to-Point modes, wherever it’s needed across Italy. By joining Namex, EI Towers further strengthens its position in the market, benefiting from interconnection services with other ISPs and national and international content providers.

One of their latest and greatest achievements is the setup of the International Broadcasting Centre – Lega Serie A (IBC), the place where all stages of the production process of the top national football broadcasts happen. The live stream of football matches via the internet has been the most bandwidth-hungry activity in the last few years.

EI Towers is a company that consistently looks to the future. With decades of industrial experience, its goal is to remain at the forefront of content distribution, serving both Italian and international publishers. Namex is pleased to welcome EI Towers among its members.

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