Tecno General – GetBy joined Namex

We are happy to announce that Tecno General – GetBy joined Namex.

Tecno General Srl – GetBy is a company that has always distinguished itself nationally for its foresight and its dynamism in offering increasingly innovative services and products. For 30 years it has been involved in Information Technology, designing and implementing complex services for numerous national and international companies.

In a few years, the FWA has moved on to more advanced and performing technologies such as FTTC – FTTH – FTTH P2P – Gpon which represent the driving force for a more competitive and reliable economy as well as an important means for social growth.

With its team of engineers and specialized professionals, GetBy has become the protagonist of important projects relating to portions of the territory with a high concentration of companies in which ultra-broadband infrastructure (optical fiber) has been built. In addition to having its own infrastructures, GetBy is a commercial partner of many national operators including TIM and Open Fiber to guarantee fast and secure connectivity.

To increase the production capacity of each territory, GetBy has decided to focus its attention more and more on companies, offering them the opportunity of a dedicated fiber with guaranteed bandwidth for personalized and flexible service with capable connectivity, telephony and cloud solutions. to decrease costs by improving performance.

The constant growth of GetBy has pushed the top management of Tecno General to establish a profitable partnership with Namex, the ideal partner to guarantee a high technical standard to customers and increasingly important reliability in terms of service and performance.

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