Arcolink joined Namex

We are happy to announce that Arcolink joined Namex.

Arcolink Telecomunicazioni is a company born in Florence in 2000. They were born as a WISP with a capillary proprietary broadband radio network located in the north of Tuscany, operating in areas not served by wired connectivity services.

Recently, Arcolink is started developing also a proprietary fiber optic network, to provide its customers with FTTH connection. In particular, their goal is to satisfy the ever-increasing demand of bandwidth capacity and secure connections within industrial areas. The proprietary fiber optic network, combined with their radio network, will enhance the range of services provided, with a true diversification of data transport to the end customer, providing them with very high-performance hybrid services.

We chose to join Namex because we must ensure the continuity of our services in every situation. Therefore, in order to strengthen our structure, we have identified Namex as the perfect site for disaster recovery, with the highest standards of reliability, even compared to other sites we have taken into consideration. After having activated MIX and MINAP in Milan, NL-ix in Amsterdam and TIX in Tuscany, Namex in Rome will become another important Pop of the Arcolink Telecomunicazioni network and consequently the possibility of redundant all our services and IP Transit to other Big Provider.


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