Namex opens in Napoli its second regional IXP

Looking at the last few years, the way we use and consume digital content has changed. The need, for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), is to have services and content as close as possible to their final users, as well as, for those offering content services, to improve the experience of their customers.

In this context, IXPs play an important role. Namex has decided to evolve its infrastructure, moving the interconnection to the edge of the network; this has led to the decision to open a new regional IXP in Napoli (Naples), the main city in southern Italy, offering peering, interconnection and colocation services. 

Napoli was the largest Italian city without an IXP, until now. Considering the population density of the Neapolitan area, the activation of a regional PoP has now become essential to improve the delivery of content and low-latency services, but also to enhance the resilience and security of the Internet.

Namex Napoli follows the path of Namex Bari, with the goal of moving the interconnection towards the edge of the network, contributing to the development of the Mediterranean networking environment. Namex Napoli opens in partnership with the Università Parthenope, in a site close to one of the largest existing PoPs in the city (Napoli Tupputi – TIM). 


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