Air2bite is the latest addition at Namex

The Abruzzo region is a wonderful area of Central Italy, with a very diversified territory that includes seas and mountains, with some of the most important Italian natural parks.

Air2bite, is an ISP born in L’Aquila, the administrative center of Abruzzo, and it offers its services since 2003.

It was born as a WISP with a capillary proprietary licensed band radio network deployed in the Abruzzo region, on which it also operates through the WLL 26Ghz license.

The company now has reached a customer base of over 12,000 users and it keeps growing. These numbers position the company among the most important ISPs of the region and Central Italy.

In the last period, air2bite has been developing a regional fiber optic network for FTTH connection of industrial compounds and the most densely populated areas of the region. The independent fiber-optic network, together with the radio network, will make it possible to offer cutting-edge solutions with a true diversification of data transport to the end customer, providing them with hybrid services with very high performance and improved resilience.

Fabrizio Fiore Donati, founder of Air2bite, explained us why they chose Namex.

“We chose to join Namex because we need to guarantee the continuity of our services in every situation, especially after what we experienced in 2009, with the tragic earthquake. Hence, in the perspective of enhancing our autonomy, we identified Rome and Namex as the perfect disaster recovery site, with the highest reliability standards, also when compared to other sites we considered.
Now the Rome IXP is a Core POP of the air2bite network, radically enhanced by the completion of the interconnection to the main exchange of Central Italy and the consequent redundancy of the IP transit towards the other PoPs located in Northern Italy.”

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