NaMeX, Rome's Internet Exchange Point

Nautilus Mediterranean eXchange point (NaMeX) is a neutral, not for profit, Internet exchange and interconnection point among national and foreign Internet Service Providers and network operators. NaMeX is located in Roma, inside facilities that are served by a wide range of national and international carriers.

Connecting to an exchange point such as NaMeX allows network operators to take advantage of mutual interconnection services that act at several layers: from IP traffic exchange by means of public and private peerings, to physical circuits establishment.

The presence of the majority of national and international network operators makes NaMeX a favorable site for planning the development and expansion of your own network infrastructure, while keeping focused on effective optimization of both costs and service levels.

In addition to this, NaMeX is promoting international development strategies regarding AMS-IX partnership agreement and remote connection to Mediterranean landing stations.


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