WiGate joined Namex

WiGate is a WISP active near Cosenza, Southern Italy.

Imagine connecting with a WiFi hotspot while you are lying on a beautiful beach in Calabria. Seems like a cutting-edge service even now, right? Our latest affiliate, WiGate, already offered this service in 2008, more than ten years ago.

WiGate is a WISP active near Cosenza, Southern Italy, in a vast area that reaches almost the whole region of Calabria, with a network that covers more than 2000 sq. Km. They also provide smart home and software development services.

Besides their proprietary RadioLan infrastructure, WiGate also provides cabled connectivity (FTTx) thanks to the collaboration of the major national players.

“We are always at the forefront. We were born in 2006 as Wireless Gate, and in 2008 we already offered a WiFi hotspot on the Calabria beaches. Thinking at that time, we were true pioneers, the first in our region and perhaps one of the first in the whole country to offer connectivity to a beach area.”

We decided to join Namex because it is a crucial enhancement for the management of our network. Furthermore, being in Rome allows us to reach all the service and content providers operating in Italy, improving the level of service that we can deliver to our final customers.”

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