Namex 2022 results (English)

The Namex General Assembly has recently approved the financial statements for the past year. Our Consortium had an impressive year in 2022 with many remarkable results.

The Consortium has passed the milestone of 200 connected networks, with an increase of 15% during 2022. This proves that Namex has become an essential interconnection point for access and content providers, resulting in a remarkable traffic increase of over 50% for the second year in a row. Also, private interconnections increased by 19%, exceeding the number of one thousand PNI. In 2022, Namex also opened its second regional IXP in Naples and Namex Bari, opened in 2021, reached 12 connected networks, exceeding 3 Gbps traffic peak.

Furthermore, Namex reported an increase in revenues of 24% in 2022. As a member-based Consortium, Namex will use surpluses to promote initiatives in 2023 to support its growth and to help members mitigate the effects of the rising costs caused by the current energy crisis. 

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