Devdata is the latest addition at Namex

Devdata was founded in 2008 in Southern Italy, Campania region, as an ICT consulting company that implements information systems for companies, covering enterprise, large-scale retail, and hospitality sectors. 

Year after year Devdata core business became increasingly complex and it then evolved into hybrid cloud services solutions within the existing installations. 

Devdata decided to join Namex to improve the delivery of its tailor-made cloud solutions. In fact, the presence of a neutral IXP in Rome and in Naples is essential to optimize latency and interconnection with all the major network operators, so that end customers can benefit from enhanced service. 

One of the goals of Devdata is to use Namex membership to further develop its services in Campania, delivering more enterprise services and opening new datacenters in the territory. For example, Devadata is also developing automated systems in the industrial, medical and research fields, which are all services that rely on cloud connectivity.

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