Multipartner is peering at Namex

Namex is proud to announce that Multipartner is peering in Rome.

Multipartner is an innovative SME offering highly secure advanced ICT services. The company develops web-based, GDPR compliant platforms provided in SaaS (Software as a Service) for the secure managing and sharing of documents/projects and for the management of workflows, with extremely high control, traceability and protection standards on files and user access.

Three solutions – Virtual Data Rooms , Workspaces Data Room and Workflows – to support companies, administrations and organizations in digitally managing daily activities and/or sensitive and complex operations such as M&A – IPO – Due Diligence, to mention a few.

Mulipartner joined Namex to advance their network infrastructure in terms of resiliency, connection and reliability to guarantee top standards to their customers.

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