Devitalia is the latest addition at Namex

Namex is glad to welcome Devitalia.

Namex is glad to welcome Devitalia, a company that designs proprietary networking solutions integrated with hardware/software systems for companies and professionals of all industrial sectors throughout the country.

We are ready, efficient and prepared, used to take on significant challenges and to give our best under pressure – states Fabio Calabrese, CEO of Devitalia – Telecommunications need continuous upgrades and, above all, they can share their best only if they have efficient connections, short latency, transparency and reliability. 

That is why we need to connect to the main Italian interconnection hubs. After the activation at MIX in Milan and at TIX in Tuscany, Devitalia chose to join Namex because it is the leading Internet hub in central and southern Italy. Indeed, Namex is a crucial meeting point to enhance the delivery of our services in all the national territory, thanks to the interconnection with all the major cloud and streaming content provider and national operators. 

Moreover, there is a growing demand for disaster recovery and business continuity services. Therefore, it is crucial for us to make investments to expand the points of presence in Italy and Namex is surely a strategic location . Joining the Roma IXP allowed us to obtain three well-differentiated poles, advancing our national network in terms of speed and reliability.

Thus, joining the consortium was surely almost a natural consequence of our needs. Our entry as a Namex member represents an essential step since it allows us to add a neutral IXP to optimize our traffic flow in central and southern Italy, marking a turning point in Devitalia’s horizons“.

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