Namex elected its new Vice-President

Namex board elected the new Vice-President, Rosario Pingaro.

Born in Naples, Rosario Pingaro is an engineer and entrepreneur. Graduated at the top of the class in Engineering at Federico II University in Naples in 1997, he also got a MBA at the STOA’ Business School in 1999.

Always enthusiastic about computers, the Internet, technological innovation and local development, after living for a short time in New York where he earned the Series7 brokerage license by NASD, Ing. Pingaro started his entrepreneurial career and founded Italycom S.r.l. to bridge the extensive digital divide in Southern Italy using the HiperLAN wireless technology. This earned the newly founded company the Marrama Award in the business category in 2004, an award launched by the newspaper Il Denaro and the Banco di Napoli Foundation.

At present, Ing. Rosario Pingaro is the Chairman, CEO and CTO of Convergenze S.p.A., a multi-utility company he founded in 2005, that specializes in Wi-Fi and FTTH technologies as well as electricity, gas and sustainable mobility. Convergenze is listed on the Italian AIM market.

Also, since 2013 Ing. Pingaro has been serving as President of the Capaccio-Paestum Cooperative Credit Bank in the town of Capaccio. In early 2017, he was awarded the Primula D’Oro-Oscar Award of Cilento in the category of entrepreneurship.

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