Namex approved the 2020 Financial Statement

Namex has kept growing during 2020, constantly supporting its members and the Italian community during the difficult times we all have been through.

Our IXP has welcomed 36 new networks during the past year, bringing to 156 the number of Autonomous Systems active at Namex. This growth has of course impacted also the Namex traffic, which grew by 50% compared to 2019.

As certified by the Namex general meeting, the 2020 balance has been closed with a 25% growth, reaching 3,4 million euros. As we are a member-based consortium, the financial strength gained from this growth has been redirected in support of the operators connected to our IXP. First of all, during the first lockdown, between March and May 2020, Namex provided free-of-charge bandwidth upgrades to cope with the significant surge of traffic. Secondly, we decided to further reduce the 2021 peering fees and to give back 20% of the price paid for peering during 2020 to all our members.

Moreover, for the first time we are introducing a bandwidth-based fee for our peering services, allowing all the operators to have maximum flexibility and save money while activating their new ports.

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