Microsoft Connected Cache active at Namex Bari

Namex Bari, active since spring 2022, continues to grow and to expand its ecosystem. Since the arrival of the first national carriers, the number of networks and services present has grown steadily, as has the number of small local operators has been rising quite fast.

Large networks and small operators provide the foundations for the arrival of content and the content has indeed arrived.

Shortly after the inauguration of the datacenter, Facebook immediately installed its own cache, an important node for Meta content distribution in Southern Italy, that was promptly present on the peering LAN of Namex Bari. This was immediately followed by the arrival of another major content provider, Netflix, whose proprietary CDN, Open Connect, further facilitated local operators in the access of on-demand content.

At the beginning of 2023, Microsoft also joined the list of content providers active in Namex Bari, with a special installation: the Microsoft Connected Cache (MCC). The service provided by Microsoft is aimed primarily at Internet Service Providers, and Namex Bari is the first Italian edge IXP to host it. 

Microsoft Connected Cache is a caching solution that delivers Microsoft content directly to the Namex exchange point, facilitating the routing of consumer devices to the cache server for content download. More information on Microsoft Connected Cache can be found here

Namex is thus keeping its commitment to bring OTTs closer to local operators, thanks to its regional data IXPs. Our goal is to improve and make more effective the distribution of content to the network operators that are members of the Consortium.

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