Bootstrap Joined Namex

Bootstrap is a company based in Soveria Mannelli (CZ), a small village on the slopes of Reventino, in the central part of Calabria.

They offer FWA, FTTH and Voice connectivity services to customers in the central area of Calabria with a network that extends over 2,000 squared kms.

Since 2007 it has been among the first Calabrian companies to provide innovative solutions in the telecommunications field and has launched its HiperLan network with the “” brand to provide broadband connectivity to small municipalities located in the internal areas of the Calabria overcoming the digital divide.

Since 2018 it has differentiated its wireless broadband network, designing and laying over 20km of optical fiber, building its own infrastructure, and offering FTTH connectivity services to the entire town of Soveria Mannelli with speeds up to 1Gb.

“Joining Namex will allow us to achieve the primary objective of providing a high-quality connectivity service for individuals and companies. The presence in the roman IXP will allow our final customers to reach the major national and international operators with very low latency.
In addition, joining Namex allowed us to interconnect our infrastructure with Openfiber, so that we can now offer FTTH connectivity throughout the country.

After this entering, we aim to wire many small municipalities in the internal areas of our region, so that we can offer the latest cutting-edge technology for connectivity and, last but not least, we would like to contribute fighting the phenomenon of depopulation of mountain areas.

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